Friday, June 7, 2013

A new balance

It seems that nothing happens quite the way it used to happen; nothing works the way it has in the past. Even the energy around us is different and new.
And it all is inviting us to renew ourselves. To do things differently. To make things happen in our lives in a new way.

In a sense most of us are searching for this new way; this different way that is going to work better for us in this new energy.

So we are perhaps looking for a new and different job. Maybe we find ourselves forced out of a job that in reality is not serving us anymore. Or a relationship that ends unexpectedly...
In other words, if we don’t seek out changes ourselves ~ there is a distinct possibility that the universe will force them upon us. Sometimes in a very bizarre manner...

And while these changes ~ desired or not ~ are taking effect, it may well be most difficult to regain our balance. To find a new balance. To get our feet firmly on new ground, in a new way.

Part of our challenge to find balance could be that ‘balance’ is something that is innate. Our balance has been with us from before we were born, and from there it has expanded throughout our childhood, our youth ~ and into adulthood. Until we now find that the premiss on which we have been building our balance for all of that time is not true anymore.
And while we may have thought at times that our balance could use some work at times, nothing has truly prepared us for this total redo of ourselves, our balance included.

At least part of that balance lies in the opportunity we are given in this new energy to re-invent ourselves. To step back and look at our lives to see whether the things we grew up with, our values, our beliefs are still things that we want as part of our lives.
It is the ultimate chance to evaluate whether we believe the same things our parents believed in; have (still) the same values our parents taught us. For any number of beliefs or values we grew up with the answer is that they are still fitting our lives. Yet there are in all likelihood also quite a few things that ~ while they worked for our parents ~ don’t work for us. Don’t help us in our lives. Or even feel downright ‘untrue’ to us.

Our new balance will be built on the foundation of our very own values and belief system ~ on the new, re-invented person that we are becoming in this new and wonderful energy!

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