Friday, June 21, 2013


It seems more and more people suffer from allergies in the energy of today. Whether they affect the sinuses, breathing, or digestion ~ in one way or another there seems to be a reaction of our bodies to ‘something’ it doesn’t like.

It is said that in our world at this point in time there are too many ‘unhealthy’ things. Like dust, food that is a far cry from how it was raised or grown ~ not to speak of the radiation from radio, TV, cell phones, WiFi etc.
Yet the interesting thing is that the more we worry about those kind of things, the more susceptible to allergies we seem to become. That then would indicate that our thoughts, our thinking, is part of the picture...

This raises the question what it is that makes one person experience an allergic reaction to something, while another person living in the same environment doesn’t seem to be affected at all.

Now I am not saying that ‘it is all between your ears’, or ‘it is all in your head’. It is not quite as simple as that. However, the more we fear the ‘unhealthy’ aspects of society ~ the harder it is to stay balanced, or to regain our balance once we have lost our footing.
On the other hand, if our mindset is that we can live healthy, productive lives in the existing environment ~ that we can adapt to the circumstances we live in ~ it seems that our balance gets stronger.

And if a strong footing, a balanced existence, is part of the picture ~ then there are a couple of obvious   things that might aggravate something like allergies, independent from what kind of allergy.
First and foremost, stress has to be part of it. The more stressful our lives are, the more precarious our balance becomes.
Also, the differences between a holistic perspective on our health, and the advice we may receive from our doctors can create a confusion that in essence does more harm than good...

Whichever way you look at allergies ~ it seems that they come up as soon as our bodies start experiencing an ‘overload’, an ‘overwhelm’ situation. When our system encounters so many impulses in such a short time ~ whether they are physical, emotional, or mental in nature ~ it starts to react.
In essence it tells us to take a step back and look at what is happening. Where does this overload occur in our lives? And what steps can we take to relieve the stress it put unto our system?

When we do that, chances are we can recapture our balance to such extend that allergies are no longer part of our lives.

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