Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Disc Drive

Today the CD drive on my trusty computer gave out. It went from ‘a little iffy’ a long time ago, to ‘downright flaky’ since a couple of months, to pretty much dead.

Of course there are solutions ~ either replace the built in drive, or work with an external drive. And many people may tell me that in this day and age there are entirely different solutions to record, back-up, or store / save your files. Like an external hard drive, or ‘the cloud’. And while this is certainly true, I find myself being ‘old school’; I like something tangible. And perhaps even more important, a lot of my clients like to have that CD they can pop into a CD player or computer to listen to what has transpired. So while I may not have planned to decide on these kind of things right now, yet here I am...

It does make me think on what that drive represents though.

In essence it allows me to commit little bits and pieces of information to an extension of memory. Once  that CD has been burned, I can forget about that particular information as I know how and where to retrieve it from. This is not only very convenient, it is also a way to stay sane. (It can’t be healthy to have all that in your mind... It is what computers were invented for in the first place, right?)

So as this drive has something to do with memory ~ I am wondering what breaking down has to tell me... It could be that the old way of committing things to memory isn’t efficient anymore. That it doesn’t work for me anymore. Or perhaps the information I am dealing with calls for a different kind of ‘back-up’. Conceivably not quite as mental; more intuitive.

It has been said in many (spiritual) teachings that the answers lie within us. It is already there, without external intervention. Just a matter of awareness to gain access...

Without a doubt our memories are working differently in the energy of this point in time. We more and more tend to remember just that little bit of information we need right at that time, while the rest of the knowledge ~ the things we cannot use right there and then ~ remain ‘forgotten’. Unless we have a drive to remember; a desire to remember so strong that we can recall everything we ever experienced.
But for most of us, that what we need to remember, that specific piece of knowledge turns out to be right there at the moment we need it.
As if we have just pulled it down from ‘the cloud’...

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