Friday, March 14, 2014

Suddenly it is quiet

When we experience a period of great activity, there is usually a time leading up to it, a phase when it is all happening, and finally the moment when it is all finished. Especially when other people are involved these three intervals are clearly marked.

At first, the planning stage, is all done by ourselves. We envision what we want to achieve; imagine what our lives will look like when our plans have come true. It is a fun stage with lots of research, looking around for other options, and discovering new and wonderful solutions to challenges we may not even have known we had!
Then, as everything is put into motion, help arrives. Depending on the kind of activity we are working on, the people who can male it happen walk in the door ~ and in a sense take over. They start doing the things they do best; all in order to help us create the best outcome possible. And especially with a larger project, at some point there is so much activity that there seems to be movement wherever we look ~ even in unexpected manners, in unanticipated ways, at unannounced times things are happening.
Up to the point when all seems to be finished. As if someone waved their wand, all activity subsides, all helpers disappear.

Suddenly it is quiet.

And even though we may have seen how our plans were brought into manifestation in the step by step process ~ in this new found quiet we can start seeing what we have created. We can personalize our new space; our new perspective; our new point in life. We can claim that which we had envisioned, and (hopefully) discover that it is even better than we ever imagined.

The abrupt quiet does also bring a sense of “What happened?”. “Where is everybody?”
It is like we need to get used to our own energy, our own space, and yes, maybe even our own company again. At first perhaps feeling a bit like a stranger in this newly created place…

Imagining it, planning it, envisioning it is one thing. When it is brought into manifestation may sometimes feel like an explosion of activity. Yet when the time comes that we start living in that which was created at our direction ~ it may feel like we have not only reinvented our space, but also have reinvented ourselves, our lives, our perspectives…

As all of this has just happened to me, I think I will just sit back and enjoy this sudden quiet for a little bit.

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