Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Taking life as it comes

It is one of those things that sounds much easier than it appears to be as soon as you try doing it ~ taking life as it comes. To truly not be perturbed by whatever chaotic event is waiting around the corner; to not worry about what might be next; and to handle things as they come up.
However, sometimes it is the only way to go!

There are situations that are so complex that they may give rise to chaos at complex levels ~ and to even start thinking about it is stressful. On the other hand, the situation with all its complexities needs to get handled. Decisions need to be made.
When we find ourselves in a situation like that, any planning seems to become futile. Even our best plans can get entangled in the complexities and as such become part of the chaos rather than providing us with a way out.

What we can do is imagining what we feel is the very best outcome ~ without paying any attention to chaotic complexities. Just envisioning the outcome that would be best for us ~ even if what is best for us seems ‘far out’, unlikely, or just a dream…
Based then on what we are imagining to be the desired outcome, we start to make decisions one by one.

It is like we make a decision on some aspect of the situation ~ and then we wait to see what will happen. Then we make the next decision; and again we give it some time to allow it to play out…
And pretty soon we are taking each step as it comes. Making choices as they come up ~ guided by the image of the perfect outcome we envisioned.

The thing to watch out for is that we don’t fill in the blanks of what ought to happen; or what is likely (or unlikely) to happen. That we don’t start dictating how things should play out.

In order to take life as it comes, we should be totally open to all possibilities ~ whether we consider them probably or fantasy ~ and allow for the very best outcome.
Not just the very best outcome from our perspective, but also the very best outcome from a universal point of view. And when we get ourselves in a position where we can actually do this; where we permit ourselves to just focus on what is before us, rather than trying to keep everything under control ~ we may be surprised at what the outcome is going to be…

When we take life as it comes and are open to all possibilities ~ we may get more out of it than we ever dared dream about!

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