Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Where do I start?

Have you ever felt there was so much to do ~ whether they are chores, projects, or just plain things you want to do ~ that you have no idea where to start? The sensation that you are staring this big ‘thing’ in the face that seems to be more than can be handled in one day ~ or by one person for that matter?

It is where I find myself this morning.
And it being a beautiful Spring day, the temptation is to not get started at all. To just walk away from it for yet another day in a row, and to go out and enjoy the sunshine while it lasts… The perfect excuse!
But an excuse nonetheless, and one that will surely put me in a similar position tomorrow as the project does still have a lot to be taken care of before the chaos dissolves and ~ in all likelihood ~ order suddenly reappears in my life.

Right now, that sense of order and everything being in its place is the argument to get going on whatever is left to be done. Which brings me back to the question; where do I start?
A long journey starts with a single step. The implication being that it really doesn’t matter which direction one takes that first step; as long as you take it. So perhaps that is how I should look at the mountain of little things that still is waiting to get done. To just start, and to take it from there. To stop analyzing and planning and thinking about it ~ to pick any one little thing and just handle it.

It is often the best way to go.
As long as we are thinking, planning etc., chances are that whatever needs to get done seems to become bigger and bigger in our minds ~ in turn making it harder and harder to get started. On the other hand, once we get started that big mountain seems to divide itself pretty seamlessly into a series of molehills that each are easy to handle ~ even by just one person.

The other thing is that certainly on a big project, it doesn’t need to be done all in one day either. There is nothing wrong with taking the time we need to handle each aspect of it properly and in its own time.

So I guess I will open the doors and windows to let the Spring weather enter into the room, and start tackling that first little molehill…
And go from there.

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