Friday, March 28, 2014

Without a reason

We all tend to need a reason to do something. To get started. Some kind of motivation that gets us moving. And so, without an obvious reason, we may find it easy to push things to the back burner; to not have to think about them; let alone do something about them.

For me the reason has finally arrived to re-evaluate anything and everything that I have come to store in the attic of my house over the years. Things I may need; things I don’t know what to do with at that moment; things of value at that point in my life; things I couldn’t release just yet; and yes, the things I really do want to keep. Notice how it is only that last short sentence that is about ‘keeping stuff’?

The reality is that for whatever the reasons, over the years things have stacked up. And now that my home is changing, it seems to be a good time to see if what is in my home needs changing too. After all, I am not the same person I was ten years ago, or twenty years ago ~ so it seems silly to just assume that I still value the same things I used to value way back then…
So there is my reason!

Now, this doesn’t mean necessarily that I will discard of a lot of things ~ all it means is that it is time to re-evaluate.

Having said that, often when we set out to do something, hints come our way unbidden as to what to do next; or, in this case what to do with stuff stored in the attic.
Today my neighbor put up a sign in the window asking for a single sized mattress. It is something I have and don’t want to keep anymore. I was wondering what to do with it as it is still a good mattress ~ it would be a shame to just toss it out. On the other hand, I hadn’t planned on digging it up from the attic just yet… But given the fact that she needed that which I wanted to get rid off created too good an opportunity to pass up!
And so, with the mattress as a reason, the attic is already quite a bit more empty.

At the same time this also provided me with a reason to not start doing other things…

Having a reason to do something ~ or not do something, as the case may be ~ really does help us to get started. Where as without a reason, chances are we won’t…

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