Tuesday, March 11, 2014


At this point in our evolution humanity seems a mental species. Even those who are more ‘touchy feely’ in nature will use their minds to ‘think things through’. As such, our thought are an important part of us. After all, we are ‘Mind, Body, and Spirit’. And ‘Mind’, our thinking, directs our actions, instigates our manifestations.

What we think about and how we think about it is important as it has the power to shape our lives. Through thinking we direct our energy into a certain direction, and from that perspective we better make sure that we choose wisely! Having positive thoughts that are going into that direction we desire is a good thing. Even when we are not entirely certain as to how to get where we want to go ~ even when it seems that obstacles are blocking our way to get there ~ it is important to permit ourselves to think positive, pro-active, solution oriented thoughts.
Thoughts are energy, and when we poor positive, ‘can-do’ energy into our project, into what we want to achieve ~ even when we encounter a roadblock here or there; chances are that we are on the right track and will get where we want to be eventually.

Looking at thoughts as energy, they are not just any energy. They are a directed, concise energy that as such can help us. This also means that the energy of our thoughts has boundaries. While we can think about anything and everything ~ while we can dream our wildest dreams ~ our thoughts themselves are succinct.

When I observe my thoughts, they look like soap bubbles.

Sometimes they are singular, big, beautiful bubbles like a child may be blowing using soapy water. Other times they are like a cluster of smaller soap bubbles, for instance like we may see while washing our hands. And every once in a while they seem like an ever growing cluster of bubbles that just keep coming and coming; like when you poor some liquid soap in a sink and then keep running water on it for a period of time…
In other words, there are single thoughts that are profound in their simplicity and beauty. There are ‘trains of thought’, where one thought leads to the next, and the next, until the concept we are thinking about is clearly defined. And there are thoughts that without direction, without control, just keep coming and coming.

This last variety may not work for us as well as the others do.
Pretty soon, as they take on a life of their own, they move into all directions ~ positive and negative. They may have the energy to bring things into our lives, without us being aware where they came from. And when we find ourselves at that point, it may be a good idea to wipe the slate clean ~ to rinse the bubbles away ~ and to start thinking new thoughts.


  1. I liked this teaching very much Anna. Very creative, easily understood and you see how the dots are connected how it fits together. It engages you immediately
    to connect things within your own experiences and get that "aha" now I know how that happens. And now I know what to do to change that! "

  2. Glad it helps you! Those 'aha' moments are always so important as they are the doorways to new things...