Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Seven daises

Dais, according to the dictionary: a low platform for a lectern, seats of honor, or a throne. Middle English; from Old French deis, from Latin discus.

The thesaurus provides us with seven words for it, including ‘dais’: dais, platform, stage, podium, rostrum, stand; soapbox.

If we had those seven ‘dais’ ’, what would we be telling the world?

On the ‘dais’, would we tell about history? Something old, from long forgotten times? And if we did, would it be our own (family) history, or something more general? Something close to our heart, still pertinent today in some ways?

On the ‘platform’, would we talk at all? Or would we rather play music, the truly Universal language? If we played music, would it be a happy tune? Or rather a mournful song?

If we stepped on ‘stage’, would we be ourselves? Or would we be an actor ~ in a sense ~ just showing the world what we want them to see? Or even what we think they want to see?

Would the ‘podium’ be waiting for us to dance? To move, perhaps to a tune only we can hear?

And when we climb the ‘rostrum’, what would we want to sell? Would we sell ideas? Antiques? Or just those things we no longer need but that may have value to someone else?

Standing up on the ‘stand’, what would our message be? Would we dare making a stand? Making our message one that can truly make a difference, to ourselves and to the world in general? Or would we keep ‘playing it safe’?

And finally, when we find ourselves on our ‘soapbox’, would we be riding our ‘high horse’? Would we be shouting and screaming, ranting and raving for anyone to hear? About how we are being wronged? About how the world is ‘going to hell in a hand basket’?

Seven daises, seven perspectives.
Seven aspects of ourselves that we may or may not want the world to see or hear.
Stepping up to the dais ~ by whichever name ~ takes courage!

The thing we are all too often forgetting is that in our lives, we are the guest of honor! Therefore we are seated in the seats of honor; sometimes even on a throne!
So perhaps it is time to step up. To ~ at least to ourselves ~ be totally frank and honest, and to answer those seven questions as what our stories, music, performances, ideas, truth, or even ‘stuff’ would be, if we had seven daises.

I am certain it would tell us all lot about ourselves…

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