Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Why? (part two)

If we look at why we do, say or think the things we do, perhaps the most important objective is to observe the impact our actions, words and thoughts have on our lives, and yes, on the world in general.

From a spiritual perspective our thoughts, words and actions create our lives. And while that starts with just our own lives and our immediate environments, the spiritual perspective sees it as energy that moves out from us and ultimately affects the World on a global scale.
Therefore, it is in our best interest to create the best life we can muster for ourselves ~ perhaps not from a material or monetary perspective, but rather from a perspective of harmony and peace.

And as soon as we become more conscious of our impact on our lives (and the world), the way we answer the ‘Why?’ has a tendency to change.
No longer are we reacting ‘blindly’ to what people around us do or say.

We start reacting to how what is happening around us makes us feel. As long as we feel good about what we sense and see around us, chances are we are on the right track on our personal paths.
As soon as we start feeling frustrated, angry, or just plain out of balance by what we sense or see around us (or on the news), the ‘Why?’ becomes very personal:
“Why did I bring this into my life?”
“Why have I created this into my world?”

So, if we see a world divided, and we don’t like what we see; then what in our personal lives is divided? If we see people acting our their frustration ~ sometimes loudly, even brazenly, or on a large (global) scale ~ then what are we frustrated about in our own lives? If we see violence; what is festering in our own lives?

Why do we so easily accept the things that ‘aren’t quite right’ in our own lives, while pointing fingers at what is going on in the world around us?

The more aware we become on how we are affected by what others think, say or do; the better we can take conscious steps to counter it by addressing the things we could do better. More harmonious. More balanced and at peace within ourselves.

The least that does is it makes our personal lives better.
Yet why would it stop there? Chances are that when we create better, more balanced, more peaceful lives for ourselves; the world will become a better place!

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