Friday, August 6, 2010


To really accept things is hard.
Now, I don’t mean the grudging acknowledgement that there are things in life one cannot change, and therefore has to accept ~ rather the things one has to acknowledge and accept, in order to be able to change them.
And there are a lot of things we can change in our lives as long as we are willing to take an honest look at ourselves and the situation at hand ~ and observe things not from our emotions, but more from a factual perspective as to how we got where we are at.

After all, when we look at things based on our emotions, the way we see them often gets colored... We may be madly in love, and see the world through the proverbial ‘rose colored glasses’ ~ and therefore miss the fact that the object of our affection has a less desirable side as well. And those things don’t have to be ‘biggies’ or ‘dealbreakers’; it can be something like being grumpy in the morning. By the same token, we may feel wronged, as we are all happy, bright and alert in the morning; and react from a sense of ‘How dare they be angry at me...’ ~ where the intent never was to do anything negative or angry to us at all.

When we look at the world based on our emotions, we see the world from the perspectives of our past experiences and how we feel about these past experiences inside ourselves...

When we take a step back, and look at the facts of what is happening ~ we may see that when someone is not a ‘morning person’, it is best to allow him or her to wake up in their own rhythm, at their own pace... And we may find that ‘morning grumpiness’ never is a problem.

We have accepted that the other person being grumpy in the morning has nothing to do with us, is not aimed at us, has nothing to do with negative or angry intentions ~ and we adapt or change our perspective on it in such a way that there is no problem...

Something that is even harder to do than to accept situations outside ourselves, is to accept things inside ourselves. To accept who we really are...
And to do so, not from a negative or guilt induced perspective, but from a factual perspective...

This means that we accept our good side, as well as the things that we may want to improve upon ~ recognizing that the latter are the area’s where our personal growth may come from.

What, at least to me, is most difficult, is to accept that there are things that I may be really good at. Things that are special. Things that would make the world a better place if I would express them...
To accept that I can make a difference, and respect myself for it.

What a change true acceptance of Self can make!

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