Tuesday, August 10, 2010


As our societies have become more individualized, we have come to put a greater value on privacy.

This brings with it a number of choices we have to make. The most obvious one seems to be what we want to share with the others, with the world around us ~ or in this time of easy world-wide communications, what we want to put out there ~ and what we want to keep to ourselves. A less apparent choice is how we present ourselves to the world around us; and is this who we are at the core of ourselves, or is this a more superficial reflection of our core selves?
And if we decide not so put our true self ‘out there’ for the world to see, does that mean that we are deliberately hiding things; being secretive ~ or are we just adapting to the level of interest the world around us is showing for us?

I guess all of us have things we consider ‘private’. These things may range from how we feel about situation or people, to the bottom line of our bank account statements...
And for most of us it is not about deliberately hiding things from others ~ it is more a sense that it is none of their business!
Truth be told, there are things, even things that are important to us, that the world around us couldn’t care less about. So why not keep it private?

Yet as the energies of this point in time are reaching an ever higher higher vibration, more and more people find that if they raise their awareness accordingly, they receive a lot more information about the world around them; and sometimes this information is very personal ~ it may even relate to another person’s deepest desires or secrets!
And while raising our awareness is a good thing, and a proper use of the energy of this day and age ~ it does bring up the privacy of yourself and others...

Questions as this starts happening are: ‘If you can see or sense this information about another person; should you?’. Does the fact that you have the ability to do so, mean that it is okay to pry into someone else’s life? Even when that other person is very close to you?

Or do you focus on different things when you find you become aware of information that is ‘none of your business’?

As our own spiritual development goes on, we may even get to a point where receiving that private information is not a matter of focus anymore, but something that is always there.
If this happens, what do we do with that information? After all, it may even be something the other person is thinking that relates to ourselves...
Do we act on it? Do we react to these impressions of another person’s private thoughts?

Or will we deliberately choose to allow others ~ and the world around us ~ their privacy?

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