Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Decisions ~ again

As we have the opportunity to shape our lives with every decision we make, our awareness of the choices we have becomes more and more important. The more clearly we can see the choices we have in life, the more active we can be in shaping and molding our lives to match our desires...
And pretty soon our personal path is one that is productive and fulfilling.
Along with that, we become more and more aware of our spiritual path ~ our path of personal growth.

The key here is to be aware of the decisions we make based on the choices we have.

This means not only making the best decisions we can in the areas of our lives where the choices are obvious, but also to spend time looking at what choices we really have in those areas that are less obvious... And to take a look at the decisions we, one way or another, are not feeling comfortable about making just yet, the ‘non-decisions’.

It seems these non-decisions are most tricky as we start looking at actively shaping our lives, as there is a fine line between the point where waiting it out is the wise thing to do, and where not making a decision is stopping us in our movement forward...

One may say that when in doubt, do nothing and wait it out; wait until something happens that sheds light on the situation at hand. And a lot of times this may be the right thing to do.
On the other hand, one may be waiting forever, as this decision is crucial for taking the next step on the spiritual path, and as such a learning experience from a spiritual perspective.

When we find ourselves facing a non-decision, it is important to discover why we are not willing to make that particular decision at this point in time.
Is it because we feel overwhelmed? Because we have too much on our plate to come to a balanced perspective? It is because we are not fully aware of the choices we have? Or is it because of the ramifications we suspect this decision may have (it may be an unpopular decision, making people not like you anymore)?
Or is it because there seem to be several choices that could work out really well, and you are not quite certain yet which direction to take it? In this case, taking a little bit more time before you decide can be a good thing!

However, as long as we stay tuned to the choices we have, and actively make our decisions accordingly ~ the more actively we are shaping our lives and the more aware we will be of our personal paths.
Things don’t just happen to us anymore, we actually choose which direction to go every step of the way!

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