Friday, August 27, 2010

The choices we have...

There are a number of way we can look at the choices we have in life. There are choices that are clear, obvious, and can be a lot of fun (for instance where to go to on vacation). Then there are choices that have more repercussions (like moving or changing jobs). And then there are those instances that we feel we don’t have any choice in the matter at all. Where we feel stuck in a situation or a set of circumstances that we cannot influence, let alone solve, or move away from.

Now you may think that we can always move away from a situation if we truly don’t like it ~ and in a sense this is true. However, there are those situations where moving away from it brings a whole different set of circumstances about, that aren’t necessarily easier to deal with... For instance when caught in a job without any prospects, that is not interesting, that doesn’t pay well ~ in short, a job you really don’t desire to have ~ but you need this job to pay the bills, and you may feel unlikely to find another, better, more interesting job at the same or better pay in the area you live in.

All of a sudden, it seems there are no choices.
Or no ‘good’ choices, anyway...

And for all the theory on always having choices and making your decisions based on these choices in order to live a life full of purpose ~ here you are... Stuck between a rock and a hard place...

In a situation like this, a helpful exercise can be to think of five ways to improve on the situation you are in. In this example that could be for instance:
through education (prepare yourself for the job you desire)
through actively starting to look for another job anyway (at least you will set the energy into motion that there is something else out there that is better...)
through moving to a different area
through starting something you really enjoy doing next to your job (and if that would bring in an extra couple of $$, great!)
through counting your blessings and actively find things that are good about the job you have now (it brings a more positive energy to the existing situation)

Now, I’m not saying that any of these five choices are ‘good’ ones, but what you do with an exercise like this is that you do give yourself choices again! You put yourself in a position where you are actively involved in the situation.

And even if the situation doesn’t change immediately, listing five possible choices makes that you may not feel stuck in it anymore!

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