Friday, August 20, 2010


As we as humanity have free will choice, at least from a spiritual perspective ~ there are a lot of decisions we have to make as we move along our personal paths. Almost every step we take is because of a decision we have made.

Therefore, decisions and how we make our decisions is important!

Some decisions are totally obvious like a decision to change jobs, to move, to take a vacation (and where to spend that vacation ~ just stay home, find a sunny beach, go for some adventure, or even to travel the world...)
The fact that these decisions are obvious, doesn’t mean that they are necessarily easy to make...
For instance, from the initial decision of wanting to change jobs ~ a lot of other decisions come up for us to look at; not to mention the fears and doubts that it can spark. Like ‘Am I good enough for this job I want’, or ‘If I get the job, do I need to move? And will I find a suitable house?’, or ‘Even though this is a job I always wanted to have, is its pay going to support me and the lifestyle I desire?’...

In order to make the one decision, we need to look at everything that is involved ~ including our fears and doubt about it ~ in order to come to a balanced perspective, and therefore a ‘wise decision’.
And pretty soon, the whole picture can become somewhat overwhelming, leading us to not make that decision right now. We will first see what happens, and then we will act accordingly.

And what has happened at that point is that instead of being the active force that leads us along our personal paths, we have become reactive. We have made the decision to not make a decision.
In itself that doesn’t automatically mean that this is a ‘bad decision’. In fact, it may be the best decision we can make at that point in our lives.

As long as we are aware that not making that decision, is a decision in its own right!
It is one of the ‘not so obvious decisions’ we make...

Other decisions along this line are those that we may not even view as being decisions as we may not be fully aware that we have a choice in the matter, like the things we have, from childhood on, always done a certain way, or things that are deeply imbedded in the culture we live in.
With these things, we first need to realize that we have choices, before we can make a decision about them.

All in all, the more we become aware of the choices we have, and make our decisions accordingly ~ the more we can purposely shape our lives...

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