Friday, August 9, 2013


There are few things we would like to control more than our environment.
We make our houses our homes; making them our own such that we can be truly comfortable and secure inside. Then we go through considerably trouble getting the colors, the lighting and the temperature ‘just so’.
And in all fairness, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. After all it is about our homes!

By the same token we landscape our gardens and parks. Even a lot of forest areas are the way they are because of human intervention of some kind. We build our roads to suit the traffic; make them wider when needed. We dedicate areas to grow our food.
And as long as we stay on top of things we can totally and successfully manage our environment.

Granted, we will need to come up with chemicals that will specifically kill nature’s input into our controlled environment, the ‘weeds’. We need to choose our crops such that they will thrive in the environment we have created for them ~ and then make sure that they won’t be eaten by insects. But for that we have more chemicals. And even genetic engineering.

Yet how far can we control our environment exactly?

We may be able to control ‘weeds’ and ‘pests’, yet we cannot control the weather into any kind of predictability ~ even though we may try. Climate changes seem well beyond our control...

And history has shown that as soon as we give up shaping our environment, nature takes over pretty quickly. No matter how much black top and concrete were there ~ give it a couple of years and trees will have found a way to grow through it all.

At the end of the day ~ for me at least ~ the question comes up:
Why do we want to control so much of our environment? Why do we want nature to bend to our will?
Wouldn’t it be easier to work with nature; with our natural environment? To allow ourselves to be fed and nurtured by the earth?

The entire attitude that says that we need to control our environment seems to assume that we need to make things happen. That the Earth in itself has neither a plan, nor a consciousness that will take care of its and our survival...

And then again ~ what if the Earth does have a consciousness and a benevolent plan that would allow us to walk its surface, to be fed and clothed and comfortable?
Would that mean that our need to control things might do irreparable damage to our environment?

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