Tuesday, August 6, 2013

What to release?

Recently I have come to the conclusion that I am carrying too much along with me on my personal path through life. It is becoming clear that it is time to start releasing at least some of it. The real question is, what to release?

My house is small, and looking around there is plenty of ‘stuff’ in it.
On the other hand, if I would set aside all things I need for my business ~ what remains is not that bad. As it turns out, most of it I really enjoy! So when it comes to releasing things, that doesn’t seem to be it.

Like most people I do have an attitude or two that I could probably do without; or even that if I would release them would start making life easier. Seems like that is a good start.

And then there are habits that have long since served their purpose... Like rethinking what already has happened ~ once upon a time a method to learn from made mistakes ~ or over-thinking what hasn’t happened yet ~ which long time ago seemed a good way to plan for all contingencies.
It is surprising how much energy these take. And on top of that, getting wrapped up in rethinking and/or over-thinking will totally prevent living at this moment. Enjoying this very moment. Leaving no time to smell the roses.
Most definitely something I can do without at this point in my life ~ I am so ready to release these!

As I am pondering the question, I realize there is (at least) one more thing that has been part of my luggage for a long time ~ that is not adding anything to the quality of my life. Never has; unlikely it ever will... It is a certain frustration I feel about the words and actions of others. Not just any others, but family and friends.
The type of situation seems to make things harder for me. Sometimes because I have to do ‘double duty’. Other times because the very best I can do is met with a lack of respect and appreciation.
Yet whichever way you look at it, I have no influence over the actions, the behavior of others.
The thing is, it is not the extra work I am facing that makes this a weighty burden ~ it is my sense of frustration about something I cannot change: the behavior the other person is choosing.

It is this very specific frustration ~ that will only take away from who I am ~ that I want to release most of all.

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