Friday, August 23, 2013

Public outcry

There is no doubt in my mind that we are living in changing times.

We are changing, our lives are changing. Our values are changing. The very energy around us is changing... It stands to reason that we will come to expect our governments to start changing too. Perhaps not necessarily in changing political directions; or even changing political leaders as such. But certainly from a perspective where the conduct of our political leaders changes...

As of now it seems like politicians are still operating according to ‘how it has always been’. With all the political play, backstabbing and yes, a certain amount of dishonesty ~ or at least circumstances where not the whole truth is being told. And not in the least an attitude that they will tell us what is best for us.

In more and more situations we know very well what is best for us ~ and that is not always the same thing our governments tell us is best for us.

And as we are changing, our lives are changing, our values are changing ~ and governments that are still telling us what is best for us according to old, if not ancient, standards; a gap is opening. In essences a gap between ‘us’, the public, and ‘them’, our leaders.

In any number of situations where common sense seems to point toward a good solution ~ which then is blocked by our leaders because it doesn’t fit their perspective on the (or even their) future ~ a public outcry ensues.

This becomes quite obvious on the internet where more and more sites come up organizing petitions for a great variety of causes.
Some of the causes are local. Others are focused worldwide. All of them call on the public to make a difference. In a public outcry.

A public outcry that can easily become a ‘grass-roots-movement’ that will ultimately move the changes we are all already experiencing up into local, and later country-wide leadership. And while at first it seems like the public outcry causes discord, ultimately it has the potential to bring a sense of oneness into being that heretofore has been unknown to humanity.

Now, this doesn’t mean that we all should join any cause that crosses our view as we browse the internet. Discernment is a good thing! But if their is a cause that is brought to your attention that really strikes a cord with you ~ joining it may do more than helping out that one cause...

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